Worlds Apart

Hunter - 30 August 2010

as written by John McKinney & Yasmin Dreyfus

This group of individuals that I have found myself associating with is a confused group. They talk when they should fight, fight when they should talk. This gets me nowhere when it comes to tracking the sources of the Augur, and finding the connection between the Terrorist Cells and it. To make matters worse Mossad has stated very clearly that this is a rogue op and if I don’t turn up something soon, they will come and retrieve me.
On a brighter side, very literally and figuratively we came together, with several of their associates and unleashed a powerful and deadly trap on one of the creatures of the night, and had out celebration afterwards.
McKinney the Detective from the News showed up; apparently he was part of this group and took time for himself to sort through things, with his vampire girlfriend, and upset the party rather thoroughly and then another group of individuals arrived, friends of the group I’m working with, along with a boy who recently was ‘killed’, it’s a very confusing situation, but he asked that we talk to a one Peter Gent, about his hunting the boy, I didn’t want to feel like the one person not for the situation, so remained quiet to observe what happened.

Officer Dreyfus, Yasmin – Mossad European Office

Viv contacted me about some cult and the Legionnaire, so of course I had to see what exactly was going on. I arrived at the castle in the middle of some sort of party.
After being hassled about my choice of company by some young up and coming punk, Heaven save him if he threatens Cynthia again, we got down to the brass tacks of the situation, when Leon made his presence known to us all, and asked if we would be so kind as to tell Gent to back down.
Leon apparently became a Sin-Eater like Gunn and Collin, a strange change of pace since he was ready to turn Gent in for being what he was on top of an ass.
We talked to Gent about the boy, he wanted to speak to the boy in person about the matter, so we all went to his estate, and well things went about as well as could be expected, until Gents head exploded, and apparently Rust-Needle devoured his Geist before he could come back from the dead like Gunn had previously.
After a quick lock down, and even quicker retreat to sort things out, we found out that It was in fact Danny who’d pulled the trigger, and now Cynthia has a contract out on her head.
Things can only get worse from here.




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