Worlds Apart

Hunter - 26 July 2010

as written by John McKinney

So our mission to retrieve the book and beat a hasty retreat as had a bit of a detour. On our way back to the gate home, Danny got bit by a centipede and I had to use my training to help him. And then we packed up camp and on our way we found a sword, its owner, and then were involved in a rock slide created by the giant knight.
When we came round we were in a party, the book was missing and well we hand to join the party of break an old law, I’ll spare you the details but over indulgence did occur, on most of our parts.
Eventually the book was found, Gunn opened the way out, the guards came, we tried to drink them into a stupor, no luck there, and then Viv’s cat exploded into shadow and we fled.
I do so enjoy a twist… when its a criminal investigation, not when I’m in the underworld and fleeing for my life, we came to a dead end with a very sweeney todd ghost and a flayed woman on a stone, he pointed us to a trap door, and well that’s where we went.
Needless to say that climbing into a hole, and hearing needles rubbing against needles is never a good thing.



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