Worlds Apart

Hunter - 11 October 2010

as written by John McKinney

Its a terrible thing, being dead, in so far as St Peter hasn’t greeted me yet, and I’ve seen little of the pearly gates since we arrived in the underworld, though our fight must go on, even in death.
The path to Heaven is not an easy one, or so the good book says.
We’ve reacquainted ourselves with Jambo, and his party to end them all, lost Vivian’s pilot friend, who traded his soul for the weapons and supplies we’d need to wage our war against Rust Needle, the Legionnaire and so forth. Accepted a deal with a boatman, where we have to deliver a letter to the living world; which is a fool’s errand as far as I’m concerned.
We’ve made a long journey through the underworld, and I hope that for all of us there is a place in heaven waiting at the end of this adventure.
My only regret in life is not telling Cynthia that I loved her.




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