Worlds Apart

Hunter - 02 August 2010

as written by John McKinney

We’ve managed to flee from the underworld once again, mostly thanks to our friendly communist magician. We’re back in Paris, which is lucky considering the gate we used was an unknown one.
We regrouped at Viv’s and were soon interrupted by Gent, who in a fury was looking for the person who tipped off Leon, and quickly learned it was Collin who’d done it; a challenge ensued, resulting in a very beaten up Collin, oh well though, he can heal up on his own.
After a short discussion about the book, we split up, had an awkward encounter with Cynthia who’d fed on a drugged up cat, and was feeling the effects.
We returned to business as usual the next day, by looking at a castle for a PMC and Hunter organization that Viv’s starting.
Things are just fantastic now.



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