Worlds Apart

Hunter - 11 October 2010
as written by John McKinney

Its a terrible thing, being dead, in so far as St Peter hasn’t greeted me yet, and I’ve seen little of the pearly gates since we arrived in the underworld, though our fight must go on, even in death.
The path to Heaven is not an easy one, or so the good book says.
We’ve reacquainted ourselves with Jambo, and his party to end them all, lost Vivian’s pilot friend, who traded his soul for the weapons and supplies we’d need to wage our war against Rust Needle, the Legionnaire and so forth. Accepted a deal with a boatman, where we have to deliver a letter to the living world; which is a fool’s errand as far as I’m concerned.
We’ve made a long journey through the underworld, and I hope that for all of us there is a place in heaven waiting at the end of this adventure.
My only regret in life is not telling Cynthia that I loved her.


Hunter - 27 October 2010
as written by John McKinney & Yasmin Dreyfus

My final report on the subject of Augur has been submitted and I am now headed back to Israel for an official debrief and reassignment. I am however sad that I had to resort to crude tactics with Mr. Yates on the matter of retrieving the information.


It would seem that everything is coming to an end of one sort or another, I’ve been reunited with the crew; more or less, as they prepare for the final assault in this game.
We’ve decided to use skype to communicate with the legionnaire and he keeps saying he has mate in two moves, and then he says something to Edwin and ….

John Ian McKinney

Hunter - 20 September 2010
as written by Yasmin Dreyfus

We make arrangements for several members of the group to head off to see relatives who have passed away, and begin our journey to solve the growing mystery. It is in my personal opinion that while this may serve some greater good it is not my primary purpose for being here, every time I bring up my queries on Augur, they get sidetracked by some other event.
I finally get my goals on the table and we head off to rescue Mr. Yates, from certain danger, and then as we were getting ready to fight back, I found myself in a terrible dream, of anger, and death, I’m sure I’d fallen out of the helicopter, and yet when I came to, I was with the group still.
We’re currently cornered by snipers in a hotel, though they seem to only be after Mr. Yates, and Mr. Gunn, working for Rust Needle, though this news disturbs them slightly, since they hate working for the supernatural apparently, the cat has taken up the role of negotiator, and managed to separate the non-targets from targets.
If Mr. Yates dies, my lead dies, and my case, and if things continue horribly I might end up dead as well, either by the hands of snipers, creatures of the shadows, or Mossad, time to focus and figure out what I can before anyone dies.

Hunter - 13 September 2010
as written by Vivian Thompson

Everything started out simple enough. I was enjoying a party at the castle that we were having. Everyone decided to come. Then the Russian got a call from some of his strange mage friends, telling him to enter the 6th door on his left with the rest of us. We went to it, and were suddenly in a room not in the castle. They had brought us here to help deal with the Russians problem with his former wife. He had finally decided that he had tortured her enough and it was time to let her pass on. The mage’s started their ritual while I put in a circle to bind the spirit there while they tried to do this. They were able to summon his wife’s spirit, and we trapped it there. For some reason, at the beginning it seemed like the Russian just wanted to taunt her. After a while of wasting time, he finally told her what he came there for and let her know how he feels about everything that happened. After this she was able to pass on. Surprisingly though, when she passed on and the Russian bent down to pick up the ring she had dropped, we all got sucked into the underworld right in front of the prison. Nik had his appointment with the Yama to see if he was going to locked up in the prison now. He was able to get out of it, but on the way back, we were chased by Rust Needle. We made it to the marketplace and had a nice conversation with Rusty Needle at his booth since you can’t fight in there. So he wasn’t able to do anything to me. He did kill one of the Russian’s and Colin’s parents though, but sometimes these things happen with what we have been doing. Definately not the big deal that Colin made it out to be. We were able to get back up, out of the underworld though, by bargaining a way across a river. We were able to make it out of the underworld. That was when Gunn decided it was time for himself to go crazy again. He started threatening us and trying to get us to fall in line like soldiers. He even tried to kill Colin. This was brought on by Colin telling us that he needed to go home for his mother’s funeral. Fortunately, we were able to convince Colin not to go anywhere, and finally have everyone focusing on the job like we should be doing.

Hunter - 30 August 2010
as written by John McKinney & Yasmin Dreyfus

This group of individuals that I have found myself associating with is a confused group. They talk when they should fight, fight when they should talk. This gets me nowhere when it comes to tracking the sources of the Augur, and finding the connection between the Terrorist Cells and it. To make matters worse Mossad has stated very clearly that this is a rogue op and if I don’t turn up something soon, they will come and retrieve me.
On a brighter side, very literally and figuratively we came together, with several of their associates and unleashed a powerful and deadly trap on one of the creatures of the night, and had out celebration afterwards.
McKinney the Detective from the News showed up; apparently he was part of this group and took time for himself to sort through things, with his vampire girlfriend, and upset the party rather thoroughly and then another group of individuals arrived, friends of the group I’m working with, along with a boy who recently was ‘killed’, it’s a very confusing situation, but he asked that we talk to a one Peter Gent, about his hunting the boy, I didn’t want to feel like the one person not for the situation, so remained quiet to observe what happened.

Officer Dreyfus, Yasmin – Mossad European Office

Viv contacted me about some cult and the Legionnaire, so of course I had to see what exactly was going on. I arrived at the castle in the middle of some sort of party.
After being hassled about my choice of company by some young up and coming punk, Heaven save him if he threatens Cynthia again, we got down to the brass tacks of the situation, when Leon made his presence known to us all, and asked if we would be so kind as to tell Gent to back down.
Leon apparently became a Sin-Eater like Gunn and Collin, a strange change of pace since he was ready to turn Gent in for being what he was on top of an ass.
We talked to Gent about the boy, he wanted to speak to the boy in person about the matter, so we all went to his estate, and well things went about as well as could be expected, until Gents head exploded, and apparently Rust-Needle devoured his Geist before he could come back from the dead like Gunn had previously.
After a quick lock down, and even quicker retreat to sort things out, we found out that It was in fact Danny who’d pulled the trigger, and now Cynthia has a contract out on her head.
Things can only get worse from here.


Hunter - 23 August 2010
as written by Nikolai Markov

Today I have heard much that disturbs me. For one, Norton Gunn tells me that the ancient force behind both Rustneedle and The Legeonaire is in possession of the fetter that draws upon countless souls and imbues him with power unimaginable. The Giests gather allies for what I fear to be a foolish direct assault, though I am at a loss of a better plan. If that was not enough, I was visited by a mage with four Arcana Masteries under his quite metaphorical belt who told me that my wife suffers entirely because of my own will. After making an fool of myself I then began to come to terms with this. When the time comes, I will gather our Giest companions and we shall set my wife free.

The only thing more unusual than some information is how you get it. We learned of the Shadow Man not through our own contacts, but by throwing rocks at terrible cats that claw is near to pieces and then merge into a single very old vampire. It tells us of a means to draw our mark out of hiding and into firing range. And in exchange for giving little more than a flask of its blood, we risk our lives and allow it to claim the territory that will be left vacant.

Soon, very soon, we make a move on the Man with the Shadow. With Guns and Napalm and Hitmen and a little protection from myself, we should hopefully prevail with no losses on our side. But as we prepare for murder, I cannot help but question why. One monster dies, but another takes its place. This world is a pale shadow of what it once was, and it is made worse each day by our real enemies. Does the organized murder of supernatural sightings really do anything to help it?

As it dawns on me more and more that I must become the master of my own destiny, to follow a path of wisdom and not of bloodshed, I question my reasons for continuing the Hunt.

Hunter - 16 August 2010
as written by John McKinney & Yasmin Dreyfus

Things have been getting strange lately, It’s hard balancing my duty to the church and my duty to my friends and Cynthia. I’ve been meaning to get things sorted out for awhile, I was intending on distancing myself from the group for some time and I couldn’t really tell them in person. I’ve given them my full support. We had a long discussion about the PMC and the hunt, and I helped them get organized or rather on the right track, but now its time to use my private investigator status and try to get something normal out of life once again, and try for as normal a relationship as possible with Cynthia.


Mossad life is tough, especially in Afghanistan. I’ve been searching out terrorist cells through their funding sources, when I came across an interesting lead back to Europe, through several shipments of Augur. I’ve been following the leads as best as possible, making some interesting contacts along the way, things seemed to be reaching a turning point in England when I assisted MI-6 with a raid on an Augur factory, and turned into a blood bath for both sides, I managed to get most of the team out of the building after the initial fire fight, and was heading back in to find someone to drag answers out of.
My life changed drastically that night when I went back in, call it luck or divine providence, I’ll just chalk it up to superior training on my part for surviving my encounter with my first vampire, hardly believing it myself I started my search for answers and could hardly believe the amount of things unknown to the world.
I used my connections to Mossad as a way to fund my hunt, claiming it a terrorist hunt so as to bypass questions that might arise.
I returned to France following Vampire activities and Augur sales, as well as suspected terrorists, always looking the connection and a way to take down the operation without causing too much collateral damage.

My friend from England sent me a message about an interesting operation that I might be able to help, and get help from in my search to purge the evil creatures from the world. They’re looking to me and my military connections to assist them in getting personnel and contracts for the PMC front for their group, while also providing some much needed combat experience to their group in their hunt.

I can only hope that this relationship will benefit us all and see our goals accomplished in one way or another.


Hunter - 02 August 2010
as written by John McKinney

We’ve managed to flee from the underworld once again, mostly thanks to our friendly communist magician. We’re back in Paris, which is lucky considering the gate we used was an unknown one.
We regrouped at Viv’s and were soon interrupted by Gent, who in a fury was looking for the person who tipped off Leon, and quickly learned it was Collin who’d done it; a challenge ensued, resulting in a very beaten up Collin, oh well though, he can heal up on his own.
After a short discussion about the book, we split up, had an awkward encounter with Cynthia who’d fed on a drugged up cat, and was feeling the effects.
We returned to business as usual the next day, by looking at a castle for a PMC and Hunter organization that Viv’s starting.
Things are just fantastic now.

Hunter - 26 July 2010
as written by John McKinney

So our mission to retrieve the book and beat a hasty retreat as had a bit of a detour. On our way back to the gate home, Danny got bit by a centipede and I had to use my training to help him. And then we packed up camp and on our way we found a sword, its owner, and then were involved in a rock slide created by the giant knight.
When we came round we were in a party, the book was missing and well we hand to join the party of break an old law, I’ll spare you the details but over indulgence did occur, on most of our parts.
Eventually the book was found, Gunn opened the way out, the guards came, we tried to drink them into a stupor, no luck there, and then Viv’s cat exploded into shadow and we fled.
I do so enjoy a twist… when its a criminal investigation, not when I’m in the underworld and fleeing for my life, we came to a dead end with a very sweeney todd ghost and a flayed woman on a stone, he pointed us to a trap door, and well that’s where we went.
Needless to say that climbing into a hole, and hearing needles rubbing against needles is never a good thing.

Hunter - 19 July 2010
as written by John McKinney

We’ve a mission, and information galore to use, now all we need is a team. Things have definitely been getting strange here in Paris, our Russian friend is a mage, Viv and her cat are kind of creepy, Gunns crew are probably going to kill each other and us eventually, and then there’s Leon who knows too much and might bring the wrath of the church down on me and my friends without a second thought.
So first things first assemble the team, called in the usual suspects, and Danny and Edwin, voted on the Leon subject, I can’t have him getting me or my mates killed because he wont see that they are trying to help, and then the we went on our little trip back to London, and then to Lowgate Prison to find a book.
Go figure it would be easy until the Russian went and got in trouble, apparently he accidentally took something from the Library, we manage to Bail him out, and get him on Parole, and now we’re headed back the way we came so we can put this bloody book to use.


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